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So, we are having a new bedroom

After biting the bullet and having our kitchen and downstairs decorated, using the wonderful Emma Dweck for guidance and project management. The state of our bedroom and the en suite just got too much!

The original en suite was added by the previous owners and they failed to put proper/any ventilation in! Consequently, we were constantly using the mould cleaner – yeuch. Our bedroom blind was also showing its age and we still hadn’t finished laying the floor from over 12 years ago ……..

So, work is now underway to transform our sleeping space.

Almost ashamed to show you the state of the “old” bedroom but here it is, before work starts tomorrow.

So, the (unmade) bed that will soon have a funky feature wall behind it!


And fancy new bedside cabinets and lights. The built-in wardrobe will be painted and have new handles.


Look at this horrible blind, that doesn’t even fit in the window space.


So, view from the bed. Cheap IKEA chest of drawers and books, books, books ….


Just a pause here to bear in mind that this was mid sort out, so not always this untidy 🙂

And now to the ensuite:


Tiny shower cubicle and mouldy cupboard.

Toilet and messy clothes.

IMG_1165 IMG_1164


I Did Do NASS Again

But goodness, this year it really wasn’t so much fun. It rained from the minute we got there to the minute we left, early, on Saturday afternoon!
Drove down Friday in constant drizzle, tho’ we managed to put the tents up in the 10 minutes it probably stopped raining all weekend.

Mine is the one on the right, poor old DS, the pop up one from B&M Bargains on the left. Resulted in a text at 5.30am that said: “My tent is leaking.” God, it was dire, we were soaked through. I felt so sorry for everyone. Didn’t learn much this year.
But I did go.

It’s a Grey Rainy Bank Holiday Monday …

So what better to do than to reinvigorate my blog with some back-dated, non-time related entries and get my writing hat back on! I love writing but spend much of the day writing about load cells, automotive testing, bolt tensioning and “stuff”, that sometimes I just can’t get my head around writing more in the evenings or at weekends, but I really should.


Well, because I have lots of other interests that sometimes, (oh okay, often), get overlooked and then I forget about them in the attempt to be a perfect mother, wife and business owner. So, after numerous attempts of trying to keep up regularly with a blog of “Eileen’s Interests”, here it is.

Shall we start with a happy photo on this dull day?