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What’s On TV?

Isn’t Sky + wonderful? I was never a great TV watcher but sometimes in the evenings it is good to just sit and relax. And when I’m not on my iPad (bit of an Internet addict) or reading, I do like to watch the box. But inevitably when I was in the mood to watch, there was nothing on – typical!

But then we splashed out on Sky + complete with live pause and HD. Not such a big deal huh? Well, it was a revelation to me! All of a sudden I could record programmes I didn’t have the time or inclination to watch at the time. Chris and I could record a whole series and watch more than one episode at a time – pure bliss when the scene reaches a climax (no, not one of those!).

Anyway, now it means, I can be choosy. So what am I watching?

Only last night did I see the series finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about medical dramas. I watched the very first episode of ER and each one until the end. UK hospital programmes just don’t do it for me, so there is no Casualty or Holby City.

Okay, so Grey’s can be a bit far-fetched but as Sandra Oh playing Christina Yang said “When we get back I will leave Seattle Grace as I have had a gun held to my head and forced to operate (end of Series 7), my friend was run over by a bus (Series 5 or 6).”  You get my drift? BUT, I love it. The last episode had me in tears. I won’t spoil it but not sure I can wait until series 8 in 2013 but I guess I’ll just have to!

In a Finale Fest l also watched the end of series 3 of Glee. Okay, again I know that it isn’t the most intellectual programme going but I enjoy the songs, not so much the story.  Don’t think I’ll do Series 4 but instead I have started watching SMASH. Now, funnily enough it’s being called adult’s Glee and I can see why. There’s a story and people keep bursting into song. However, I think the story is compelling and one of the main characters is called Eileen – which is very unusual!

Finally, there are 2 more American dramas. The Good Wife is an excellent show, now in its third series that focuses on Alicia Florreck a lawyer whose soon-to-be ex husband is a disgraced politician. It hides on E4 so doesn’t get the audience it deserves. And the other one is a bit hit and miss but Harry’s Law with the wonderful Kathy Bates has some excellent episodes which are unfortunately interspersed with implausible rubbish ones. Sorry Kathy-better script writers please.

Okay, that’s it for now but the new BBC 4 programme Punk Britannia has started and will need a review, as will the ever improving Episodes.

See you later.