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The Take Off & Landing of Everything – Elbow at the Hammersmith Apollo

Okay, so it is really the Eventim Apollo these days but before we start talking Elbow, it brought me back. Okay, so I saw Kate Bush in September, but before that, I saw many, many gigs at the Hammersmith Apollo when I was a student and beyond! Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and  the Banshees, REM supported by 10,000 Maniacs …. and lots more. Distraught at not seeing Tom Waites and David Bowie, though a lady I worked with at the Hammersmith Hospital was the ice cream lady and told me all about them 🙂

So, I love Elbow. Didn’t get into them early, about the time of The Seldom Seen Kid. Just as they were becoming famous. And once they became famous, that was it, wasn’t it? The perfect festival band with anthemnic songs and affable band members. I watched their 2014 TV performance at Glastonbury. How wonderful were they? But, you know, unless you can guarantee me the weather, I’m too old for festivals! Would do one in an RV or camper van though. Anyone up for GreenMan 2015?

Okay, back to Elbow. So, when they announced the theatre gigs, I though that would be where I would really like to see them. Find a friend who would come. Sorted!

And we weren’t disappointed. They had done the Manchester Apollo the previous week and we knew what to expect. Old and new – a gig for the “real” fans! The set list was epic. They were just how I imagined they would be. Engaging, Guy Garvey’s voice just note perfect. And he got to play a guitar on some of the “old favourites”. The stories and banter in between songs had just the right note of deprecation and familiarity. Singing along to “One Day Like This” – perfect!

We had standing in the stalls tickets and one of the great things is that the floor slopes upwards. Gig goers will know how wonderful this is! Stand half way up and you can see easily – despite the tall people in front of you!

You know, I just loved it. But can’t imagine seeing them again as I don’t think it would get much better.

Thank you Elbow.

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