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I Saw Example Tonight …..

Who? That’s the reaction I’ve been getting from everyone I know when I said I was taking DS1 and a friend to the Oasis in Swindon to see Example. Okay, I wouldn’t have gone on my own or if DS1 hadn’t wanted to go, but, I know who he was and some of his songs too.

Anyway, the original show was scheduled for December 2011 but the combination of torrential rain and a Swindon County Council that couldn’t afford basic maintenance on its leisure centre, a hole in the roof resulted in the initial cancellation of the concert (Health and Safety, dontcha know) and thousands of very disgruntled music fans. But, to give Example his due, the concert was rescheduled at the end of his 2012 Arena tour.

What we got tonight then was, probably, a much better show than we would have seen in December. The set was the same as that in huge UK arenas. On the tour Example played to 23,000 at the O2 Arena, here in Swindon, there were less than 3,000 of us. And even better was that Swindon was a standing only venue. The boys were right in the middle of the mosh pit, bouncing, jumping, dancing and getting the full benefit of a live concert experience. Just how it should be!

Except, of course, as being one of the oldest people there, I had to stand at the back, jigging up and down a little bit but having to resist the urge to bounce with them 🙂 But, you know, I really didn’t mind. I was glad to be there. I love live music and am even prepared to act my age!

I was a bit upset to see too many people just standing there with their mobile phones in the air, thinking that watching it again when they got home would be more rewarding than being in the moment and being able to replay it in their heads forever after. Hey ho, my age, I suppose?

For me, the highlight of the night was the surprise appearance of Ed Sheeran. Now, if I had been a bit more “up”, with this poor young man’s love life, I might have guessed that when we saw the timings:

7.2opm Nina Nesbitt

7.45pm Special Guest

8.15pm DJ Baller B

9.00pm Example

It transpires that Ed is going out with Nina! They were at a wedding near Swindon, Nina was planned support and according to Ed on the night, he called Example and asked if he could play, according to Example, he called Ed and asked him along to make up for the postponed concert. Who cares who asked who? The crowd went bonkers when he came on stage. “Hi, I’m Ed and would like to sing you some songs” A Ledge, as my boys would say. We were treated to Drunk, The A Team, Lego House and You Don’t Need Me, I Don’t Need You.

What a great night. Note to self: Get out and see more live music.