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Here’s My Kate Bush Blog!

It’s a month since Kate Bush finished her month or so long series of concerts and, what?, 6 months since the announcement of the dates. A real surprise to everyone.

At first, I was sort of underwhelmed. As a punk back in the late 70s, Kate Bush was the sort of “oddity” we liked, but the music … well. Sorry, didn’t do much for me at the time. Funnily enough, in The Kate Bush Story documentary, John Lydon said much the same thing. We (as in punks) should have liked her, but, and I come back to it again, it was the music. Coming from prog rock and some “performance art’ thrown in, she just “wasn’t one of us”.

So, I more or less ignored her. Then came Cloudbusting. That amazing video with Donald Sutherland, the anthemic nature of the music. I started to take notice. The next step on the Road to Damascus was listening to Placebo’s version of Running Up That Hill. Okay, I wasn’t hooked, I wasn’t a “fan”, but Kate Bush was back on my radar.

Maybe it was the FOMO phenomenon, but as the excitement started to grow, I wondered if I shouldn’t be a part. Texted a friend, who I thought would have been a fan, back in the day to say that if I applied for tickets, would she want to come. Was surprised when a text came back to say, not that bothered, actually. A phone call the next day to another gig going friend to ask if he was going for tickets and got the affirmative, my mind was made up. Yep, I would sit by my computer Friday March 26 at 9am and see what I could do. My afore mentioned gig going friend and I decided the best bet was mid-week, mid-tour.

Date decided on, up early and in to work. 9am. Mouse ready. 2 tickets please. Any seat. Yes, there they were. 2 tickets, Row Z. Click on accept, enter credit card details. TWO TICKETS FOR KATE BUSH!! Tuesday 9th September 2014.

Post on Facebook.

Facebook - Kate Bush

At something like 9.15am, it was officially confirmed that all tickets were gone. Blinkin’ ‘eck. That was fast.

So, gig going friend didn’t get any tickets. I offered him my spare one. His wife wouldn’t be very pleased, so fan/not fan friend also got caught up in the excitement and became my +1.

Lots of time to wait, so that’s it. Forgotten about for a while.

So, fast forward to August and the gigs start. A forum friend had given me a great tip when going to gigs where you don’t know the band that well. Get yourself to Setlistfm, look at the set list, make a Spotify playlist and voila!, you are least familiar with the songs. Epic! Have done it a few times now and it so works!

Day 1 and the reviews were excellent. By Days 3 & 4, it seems like she is doing an identical show every night. Spotify playlist made.

Reviews. There are plenty and all much better written than mine, so I will put them here in the blog. But my very favourite has to be Tracey Thorne in the New Statesman. That line when her daughter walks in to the kitchen and says “You are not listening to Kate Bush, again are you?”. I paraphrase. But that’s what I did. I became an obsessive. And I loved it. I was obviously ready for Kate Bush!

The day came, plans for children made. Train to London. And we were there. Before the Dawn.


It had to be done. A ridiculous selfie.


There was a no filming during the performance request and most people stuck to it! I did sneak a Before the Performance stage shot. Don’t forget, we were in Row Z!


It was, as the reviews said – absolutely superb. I felt emotional. I felt uplifted. I felt privileged to be there. I was glad I was familiar with the set though.

I choose my gigs carefully, and I’m glad I chose this one.

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Kate was sublime.

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